Chapter 47 History

Chapter 47 was formed by Ralph Munson, and fourteen others in 1984 in Portland Oregon. It flourished briefly but went dormant by about 1990. About eight years later, several Special Forces Association members, Jim Day, Norm Doney, Benny Dunakoskie, Alan Johnson, Bob Kline, Oscar Medrano, Jerry Powell, Larry Roseberry, Leonard Spangler, Pete Young and others reactivated the chapter. The first President of the reactivated chapter was Oscar Medrano, followed by Bob Kline, Jim Day, Larry Roseberry and Jerry Powell.

In 2015, the chapter hosted the SFA 39th Annual Conference and Annual Meeting. Despite a smaller than usual attendance, the Conference was able to send substantial gifts to the Green Beret Association, the Special Forces Charitable Trust and the Special Forces Association, and still post a profit for the chapter.

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