Organization of Special Forces Command

The Special Forces “A-team” is the basic unit of a Special Forces operation. it may be deployed in it’s organic 12 man configuration or split into two 6 man “split-A”s. three or four “A-teams” generally are supported by a “B-team” that, along with up to three other “B-teams” is supported by and generally under the operational control of a “C-team”. All seven Special Forces Groups and their supporting elements operate under the Special Forces Command at Ft Bragg North Carolina.

The US Army Special Forces Command reports to USSOCOM or to a regional Command. SF teams in the field “or over the fence” may report to Theater Command, to a special task force command, or to USSOCOM.

Special Forces is comprised of five active duty and two Army National Guard Special Forces Groups. Each group has a specific regional focus. The Special Forces soldiers assigned to these groups receive intensive language and cultural training for countries within their regional area of responsibility.

SF team members work closely together and rely on one another, often under isolated circumstances for long periods of time, both during extended deployments and in garrison. SF non-commissioned officers often spend their entire careers in Special Forces, as operational team members, instructors, cadre and staff in “Group” or at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School.

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